Lust vs Love; The Difference Isn’t So Clear

These days love is usually misconceived as passion.

The wrong information always shown by the media, tells us that once you feel a burning desire for someone, you are automatically “in love.”

Sorry to burst your bubble,but it just means you want to get in that persons pants. In fact studies have shown through MRI scans that the brain of a person in LUST is like a brain of a person on drugs.

When you are in LUST, it’s like wearing rose-coloured glasses, everything he/she does or says or doesn’t do or doesn’t say is perfect.

Your sex hormones make you see what you hope the other person will be or what you need them to be–rather than seeing that person for who he/she really is. To you the person has no flaws at all.

These days love is usually misconceived as passion.

1. Am I only enchanted by that person’s looks and body?

2. Am I only interested in having sex?

3. Do I ever want to just talk and have a conversation with this person?

4. Do i always want to leave immediately after sex?

5. Do I like to just cuddle with this person?

6. Do i like having long talks on the phone or in person?

If you have answered honestly to these questions, you should know by now, if you guys are LOVErs or LUSTers.These days love is usually misconceived as passion.

The Sign That You Are Healed Of Lust

The physical attraction starts to disappear,you might see the same person you where in cloud nine over and wonder what you ever saw in him/her.
Most people don’t realize it until it is too late, but luckily for you; you stumbled on the blog post.

All this doesn’t necessarily mean LUST is the worst feeling on earth. In fact LUST and LOVE sometimes work hand-in-hand.

Lust can even lead to love.


1. Do you like spending quality time together other than in the bedroom?

2. Do you get lost in conversations?

3. Do you talk for hours and forget that time is passing?

4. Do you honestly listen to each other’s feelings?

5. Do you honestly want to make each other happy?

6. Do you motivate each other to be a better person?

7. Do you introduce him/her to your friends and family unashamed?

Well if you have answered yes to all of these then, BABY YOU ARE IN <3! 😀 CONGRATULATIONS!!


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qoute of the day

“When someone loves you, the way they say your name is different. You know that your name is safe in their mouth.”
Jess C. Scott, The Intern


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How To Know if You Are In A Relationship or Just Passing Time

Are you having trouble with your ‘soul mate’?
Do you have doubts about your relationship status?
Well you have come to the right place!

First of all settle down and think about your relationship with this person. Do you genuinely want to be with this person? Or does your partner genuinely want to be with you? Are you with this person because he/she has a lot of money? Or is it the other way round? Or is it because he is so handsome? Or she is so beautiful? Or is it just because the sex is really good? I am not saying that there is anything wrong with having a relationship with someone who has money or is good looking or great in bed. The point I’m trying to make is, if somehow your partner was to loose what you desire in him/her would you still want to be in a relationship with that person? If your very rich boyfriend lost all his money, would you still love him the same way you did when he was rich? Or if your very beautiful girlfriend, had an accident and her face got disfigured would you still love her? You’ll know in your heart if you’re with “the one” or just “the one I’m passing time with.” Apply the same principle to whatever it is that you desire in your partner and answer your questions truthfully. If you believe that you’d stay with this person and love him or her no matter what,and your partner would do the same without second guessing it, Congratulations!! You have yourself a relationship!! But if you are sceptical, or you have doubts about it, or you are certain that you wouldn’t love he/she the same way, I suggest that you don’t waste your time and your partner’s time any further, you guys are approaching a dead end. If you are still not sure, ask yourself these questions;
Do i find myself constantly attracted to other people?

Do I fantasize about dating another person?
Am I in this relationship because I don’t want to be alone?

Am I in a relationship with my partner because I don’t think I can do any better?

Am I afraid to introduce my partner to my family members and my friends?

If you have answered yes to any or all of these questions, Baby wake up and walk away…