1. Love you!!
  2. Evolve! Try new things, don’t be boring.
  3. Let go of your emotional baggage and daddy issues.
  4. Pay attention to your looks, take care of you.
  5. Maintain a flattering wardrobe, spice it up!
  6. Get domestic, know how to cook, clean, do laundry, iron.
  7. Study your man, know what he  means  when he does something, or doesn’t do something, when he keeps quiet and when he says something.
  8. Do not nag and complain incessantly.
  9. Trust him.
  10. Remember he ain’t psychic.If something is bothering you tell him.
  11. Forgive and forget.
  12. Don’t be a financial burden to him.
  13. What is more romantic than being able to play, laugh, and have fun with your partner? Men don’t want an uptight, stuffy woman, they want one that can kick back and have some fun too.
  14. Avoid monotony, mix it up, do something new.
  15. Never use sex as a weapon, Work it out and have amazing make-up sex.
  16. Love and be giving to your man without looking for something in return…and without neglecting your own needs.
  17. A relationship left unattended is a relationship destined to fail, continuously strive  to improve your relationship.
  18. Show your partner that you appreciate him and the value he adds to your life.
  19. Have a Sense of Humor, don’t be too uptight, allow yourself have fun.
  20. Learn to be Submissive. There is nothing wrong with being submissive, let the man be the man.
  21. Laugh at His Jokes.
  22. Show him respect at all time.
  23. Praise and Compliment Him. That is, as long as you are honest. Make him feel good but honestly. You should always be his biggest cheerleader.
  24. Let God In. Your prayers should include asking Him to watch over your family and your relationship, to help you two become stronger as

individuals and as a unit every day, and to remain in love for as long as you both shall live. Ask Him for what you need in your relationship and it shall be done.

  1. Find something that interests you both so you can learn together. This is a part of staying actively involved in your relationship and evolving.
  2. Exchange Wish Lists and make each other’s wishes come true.

Kiss each other passionately and daily. Kissing is the first sexual activity to diminish when couples are growing apart, Besides the fact that a 60 second French kiss can burn 26 calories, kissing feels awesome!

You feel close and connected to your partner and sometimes that kiss leads to something that will have you burning off even more calories!

  1.  Flirt. Flirting with your mate is a playful way of letting him know you are still attracted to him.
  2. Shut up sometimes.
  3. Learn How to Maintain Independence without Neglecting Him.
  4. Live your life joyfully and continue achieving the goals you have set for yourself while still making that quality time to tend to your relationship.
  5. Relaxing Massages. This is a wonderful and sensual way to spend time with your partner connecting, caressing, and releasing tension.
  6. Keep Your Relationship Business Within the Relationship, your girlfriends don’t need to know everything that goes on with you and your man.
  7. Be Adventurous. Do not be afraid to try new things with your mate and have fun
  8. Erotic Dialogue and Phone Sex.
  9. Leave Your Stilettos On. Make love to your man in nothing but your sexiest stilettos.
  10. Try Anything…At Least Once…Within Reason
  11. Give Him Lazy Man Sex. It’s exactly how it reads. Let him lie in bed and do nothing while you lavish him with oral sex and ride him until he screams your name.
  12. Locate His Erogenous Zones.
  13. Keep the Lights On. Let all of your inhibitions and insecurities go and leave the lights on while you have sex, Get wild girl…and get a big mirror too.
  14. Sleep Naked. Sleeping naked is already beneficial because it allows your vagina to breathe but it’s also very sexy.
  15. New places, new times. Have sex all over the house and all throughout the day. Keep your love life spontaneous and interesting!
  16. Quickie…Quickie…Quickie.
  17. Share Fantasies.
  18. Role Play. You can maintain the variety in your love life by cheating on each other with EACH OTHER!
  19. Go Commando. When you go out tonight, put on a sexy dress but leave the panties in the drawer.
  20. Try Outer-course. Outer-course is sex with your breasts, your armpits, between your thighs, and stuffs like that. You and your partner can get as dirty and erotic as you want and that is your business!
  21. Take Initiative. Your man wants to feel desired just as much as you do. Pull his pants down and take what’s yours!
  22. What You Did to Get Him, Do It to Keep Him. 🙂

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